02 September 2009

Megrahi: Should Cameron be getting involved?

So far today.  We have Milband’s car crash on Today followed by Mandy taking to the airwaves in an attempt to put the toothpaste back in the tube.

In between, Cameron pops up.  Clearly enjoying himself, he calls for an inquiry into the handling of the Megrahi affair.

Not wishing to spoil the fun Cameron is having with Brown’s own goal, is it right that he himself is getting so involved?  The guy is likely to be Prime Minister in a matter of months and is going to have to deal with the aftermath of this mess.  Surely, he should be leaving Brown and Co to dig themselves out of the hole they have dug?

How easy it to be Leader of the Opposition when nothing you say matters.  Far harder to be a Prime Minister in-waiting when what you say does matter and you have to live with the consequences.

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  1. I guess it is up to him but his contribution has completely undermined his credibility in Scotland.

    A few months ago we heard how if he were elected he would respect the Scottish Government's right to decide on devolved matters.

    But in one fell swoop, he has clearly indicated that, even as opposition leader, he has no respect for the even more independent Scottish Justice System.

    I guess it won't make any difference to the overal UK result but I think that Tory hopes of 4 or 5 seats in Scotland will now diminish to a mad scramble to keep the only seat they presently have.

  2. Rubbish, Anon. He's talking about an inquiry to find out who said what and to whom. Openness and honesty about intentions, views and influence.

    The way you put it you'd think Cameron had personally bombed Glasgow.

  3. Cameron is a political lightweight with both eyes scanning for a soundbite opportunity .

    Problem is, it is a short termism with no regard to the future beyond the headline.

    As I said a political lightweight but worse, a Tony Bliar failed clone.

    He is still at Oxford with his Bullyboy toff pals.

    Doesn't auger well for the UK if Osborne doesn't have The Plan ready for implementation on day 0. Watch Sterling tumble and Britain's credit worthieness go down the white china telephone.

    The SNP must be rubbing their hands in anticipation.


  4. OOPPS

    Missed the final point

    This headline grabber mentality will lead him, as it has Brown, into retrospective evisceration in the blogosphere and then the dead tree press.

    We don't forget and cannot be bought by patronage; the awkward squad is just too big.