10 September 2009

Labour MPs are planting their seeds

All over Westminster seeds are being sold.  Some will grow, some will die, eventually one may make it into full bloom.  The “Gordon Must Go” seeds need careful nurturing and great care must be taken at all times to ensure that one reaches maturity.

Today, two amateur gardeners of the first order have been seen down at the Westminster allotment carefully planting their seeds.  Clearly visible and very much alone was Charles Clarke making a right hash of things.  His seed will last not the week.  Then came along a senior Labour MP that could not be recognised.  He tried in vain but gardening experts commenting on his efforts doubted that his seed would germinate.  Apparently, his identity would be exposed and rubbished by thugs, otherwise known a whips, that frequent the allotment from time to time.

It is expected that more Labour MPs will visit the allotment over the coming weeks.  It is likely that after the Labour conference a queue will form and shuffles may break out as MPs rush to plant their seeds in the full glare of the media.

Gardening experts, and the are very few on the Labour backbenches, have astutely pointed out that the best way to ensure that a “Gordon Must Go” seed takes to the soil and grows, is to plant it away from the media spotlight in a private setting.  It was further stated that this rare plant should only be given a public showing when it reaches maturity.

The coming weeks will prove whether this expert is right and the “Gordon Must Go” seed finally becomes a mature healthy plant enabling to it to survive the chill autumnal air.

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