10 September 2009

Gordon becomes Winston

imageYou can tell we have reached the end.  Having finally run out of ideas, Gordon has now started smoking cigars and pretending to be Churchill.  Nick Robinson has been sent out from his morning briefing in the bunker to spread the news.

Next, a three peace suit and a gold watch chain for his final conference speech.  Let us hope that he doesn't start giving the “V” sign.  Brown would get it the wrong way round.

And if that is not all, the BBCBrown is pulling out all the stops in a last ditch attempt to narrow the polls.  The BBC website is giving great prominence to the story that beer and sandwiches are back.  One wonders what deals are going to be cut at Chequers on Friday whilst Brown fills the place with cigar smoke.

What was it Iain Macleod said, "you can dream your dreams, but we have work to do"

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1 comment:

  1. Inadvisable surely, for such a comparison? It's difficult to think of a more glaringly obvious "chalk & cheese" moment: "clunking fist" nonsense, cowardly and mendacious, out of touch with his party and followers, etc., etc. I almost feel sorry for the pathetic creature.
    Brown is the shit on Churchill's shoe.