02 September 2009

Adam Boulton is having doubts about Brown

Sky’s political editor was on Radio 4’s Media Show talking about the proposed TV leaders debate:

This debate is now going to happen, whether or not Gordon Brown or the Labour leader at the time of the next election is there is up to them.

Having made a fairly outspoken contribution on the programme he could have just named “the Labour leader at the time of the next election” as Alan Johnson.  That would have done wonders for the programme’s ratings and generated a few headlines to boot.

Never mind, Adam.  We know what you were suggesting.  After Brown’s start to the week, it is now more likely than ever.

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1 comment:

  1. Oooh, I do hope so! Whichever way he now decides to go....he's stuffed. In...he's stuffed because he can't think on his feet! Out...he's stuffed because he's a coward! What joy!!!.....or is that schadenfreude?!