11 March 2009

Taxpayers invest £50m in Brown’s G20 summit


The one day G20 submit in April is to cost us all a staggering £50m.  Each photo that the 19 leaders will have taken with Obama will cost £2.63m!  For it looks increasingly likely that is all they will be turning up for:

1. The US is far from engaged in the preparation;

2. The EU can’t agree anything between themselves with the Eastern block countries isolated;

3. There is no progress on the $200bn Brown is looking for to fund the IMF;

4. The EU member countries have now openly attacked the US in calls for further stimulus packages; and

5. The IPPR has questioned whether the Treasury is up to the job of fighting the recession.

No doubt the final communiqué will paper over the cracks and be full of platitudes, but it looks increasingly likely that nothing substantial will be agreed.  £50m is being invested in Moses by the British taxpayer as a launch pad for Labour's election campaign.

As Mandy said on Sunday:

People frankly should take pride in the fact that its we in Britain holding the G20 and our government driving it.

Empty words and little deed.

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