10 March 2009

No one in the US is interested in the G20


There are reports today the Sir Gus O'Donnell, the Cabinet Secretary has said that is was "unbelievably difficult" to prepare with the US for the G20 Summit.  He went on with reference to the US Treasury, "There is nobody there," said Sir Gus. "You cannot believe how difficult it is."

These comments, since denied, are accurate.  The problems with the US Treasury have been highlighted on reliable US blogs.  Take a look here and here.  There is also much speculation whether Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is up to the job.

Four weeks out from the G20 and there is much to do.  Brown is looking too much to the US in the early stages of Obama’s administration.  Obama will continue to focus on US internal affairs until his administration beds down and he sees tangible results.  You only have to read and listen to the US media to appreciate this.  Perhaps “our boys” at the embassy are not doing that good a job in feeding information back to London.

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  1. Sir Gus O'Donnell is worried because if the next Tory government copied the US system on change of government, he would be out of office.