23 March 2009

Has Cameron put the toothpaste back in the tube?

Thankfully for Cameron, Sunday’s problems on tax have been rather been overshadowed by Tony McNulty’s little local difficulties.  However it took a late night statement by Clarke to clarify his earlier statements on inheritance tax:

So far as I am concerned, we are fully committed to raising the threshold for Inheritance Tax in the first parliament of a Conservative government, as George Osborne has promised. This measure will appear in the manifesto and I support it. We also all agree that George Osborne cannot write his first Budget until we have seen what we have inherited. I cannot see any significant difference between what I have said and what my colleagues have said.

The much underrated Alan Duncan gave a spirited performance on Today, which should help to put the toothpaste back in the tube. 

What Cameron needs to do now is grab the political agenda this week with another big hard hitting speech.  He needs to erase Clarke’s Sunday spasm before the Labour attack dogs start barking.  With Brown and Mandy both out of the country he has ample opportunity to do this.  Cameron can’t afford for yesterday to repeat itself.

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