25 March 2009

A front page that sums up Brown’s awful Tuesday


The Times front page highlights the two main stories that stick after another awful day for Moses.  Add to this Stephen Byers damming criticisms and Hannan’s bid to be a future Tory leader, and matters could unravel for Team Brown whist he is overseas in his quest to again ‘save the world’

With Brown sleeping in New York, the Tories have a golden opportunity this morning to tear into Brown big time with deputy PMQs to follow.  The latter will happen while Brown chokes on his breakfast while reading the overnight briefings from London.

This pre-G20 trip could be very problematical for Brown if there any more ‘little local difficulties’ that grab the headlines.


It is rather premature, but expect to hear parallels to Callaghan’s ‘Crisis? What Crisis?’ trip to be mentioned.

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