28 March 2009

Was it really 30 years ago?

As I type this I am listening to ‘The Night The Government Fell"’ on the BBC Parliament Channel.  It is marvellous stuff.  I was lucky to be sitting in the visitors gallery for the whole debate.  Highlights of the debate are on now.  What a shame there were no cameras in those days.  It is worth listening just for Michael Foot’s wind up speech.  It was brilliant, and as far as remember he spoke without notes for 30 minutes.

Earlier the programme broadcast Tonight (the predecessor of Newsnight) that came live from Westminster that night.  Being in the House I have never seen this before.  The BBC’s political editor in those days was the sublime John Cole and now we have the ridiculous Nick Robinson.

Those were the days!

UPDATE: I had completely overlooked to mention Gerry Fitt’s speech that swung the debate in the chamber.

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