28 March 2009

Is HMQ also having doubts about Brown?

What was odd about Mervyn King’s ‘private’ audience with the HMQ was that it should have been publicised.


Even stranger that a picture was issued to the press after the ‘unprecedented’ audience.  No pictures have ever been issued before of HMQ’s private discussions.

Role on a few days and Brown reveals all from the other side of world about his plans to change the rules of succession to the throne.  Then today the Mail chips in saying HMQ is not amused with Brown’s latest half-baked idea.

What is interesting is the article has this quote from Nicholas Soames, a long time close friend of Prince Charles:

This is an extraordinary thing to be talking about when the G20 summit is starting next week. It is a very, very odd time to raise it.

Indeed it is but we all know the reasons for that.

Piece all this together and is there something stirring in the undergrowth that not all is well between Her Majesty and her First Lord of the Treasury?

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  1. Too true - and don't forget Gen Sir Jock Stirrup also had a private meeting later the same day. Something is stirring alright.

  2. Aye Howard, I picked this up during the week, glad you have too. Most people don't realise the importance of HM publicising these 'private' meetings.

    Something's going on indeed.