21 March 2009

Hague to gate-crash Marr as Myners starts to clear his desk

There will a small pause to the BBC love in with Labour this Sunday.  Hague is to appear on Marr.  The first Tory to do so since 8th February.  Apart from that it is Labour all the way.  Lord Malloch-Brown also joins Marr and then on the Politics Show we have the balanced ticket Ken Livingstone and Jacqui Smith.

One person who will not making any public appearances this weekend is Lord Myners.  It seems there has been some ‘misunderstanding’ of what he knew when about Goodwin’s pension.  Sir Tom McKillop, RBS’s former chairman, has offered to reveal all in a letter to the Treasury Select Committee.

Myners will no doubt be arriving incognito at the Treasury with a few empty cardboard boxes as his colleagues march into the television studios.

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