18 March 2009

The build up to PMQs

1. Unemployment rises by 165,000 to 2.03 million

2. The number of people getting jobseeker's allowance added a record 138,400 to reach 1.39 million

3. The IMF hits Brown’s recovery plans for six;

4. Ken Livingstone fires off a thermal nuclear device at Moses;

5. Mandy loses his cool on Sky News;

6. Darren Murphy, Blair's former advisor, dismisses the G20 and is none to complementary about Brown; and

7. Brown’s plans to exploit Obama’s visit to the G20 are exposed.

How many open goals do you need Dave?

Note: One further matter.  Alan Johnson was very quick to say sorry for the scandal at the Staffordshire General Hospital.  He was off course right to do so, but I just wonder…….

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  1. Thanks Howard. Will be an interesting PMQs. I shall tape it and watch it this evening.

  2. Clearly these events did have an effect on PMQs as it was very explosive...read more...