23 March 2009

Cameron should concentrate on the real issues

PoliticsHone has a very interesting poll on the news stories that caught the public attention last week:

The death of actress Natasha Richardson was the news story that the public found most interesting last week, according to the PoliticsHome impact tracker. Of economic and political stories, the unemployment figures most caught the public attention.

Changes to financial regulation recommended by Adair Turner and criticism of the Treasury’s handling of Northern Rock by the National Audit Office did not attract as much interest as these.

This may suggest that the public is becoming bored with discussing the financial collapse itself and more interested in its effects on the ‘real economy.

The point about the effects on the real economy is one that Cameron is and should concentrate on, hence his attack on the Brown’s VAT cut in the Commons today.  Bloggers and commentators can debate the 45p tax rate and inheritance tax but I doubt this will cut through at this time.  While this debate rages, all should remember that there is no money, as Finkelstein correctly said.

Cameron should concentrate on these real issues and keep the focus on the mess Labour has made of the economy.

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