13 March 2009

Bank of England 2 Mandy 0

Following on from Mandy's latest outburst the Bank of England has hit back.  The Bank said it was "puzzled" by his unusually frank comments about his private negotiations with it and the Treasury, over plans to ease the credit squeeze to help people buy cars.  The Bank went on:

It is not the role of the Bank to provide sector-specific support. That is clearly and properly a matter for the Government.

Not leaving matters rest, Mandy issued a statement:

We are not going to get into a battle of words with the Bank of England.  But the recession is really hurting the economy, and it is perfectly reasonable for the Business Secretary to speak up for the needs of business during these tough times.

I would assume that the gorgeous Jenny Scott is behind what the Bank has said.  She was the girl Andrew Neil couldn't take his eyes off on The Daily Politics.

The real issue is not with the Bank but with Darling.  Mandy has obviously been sent into bat by Brown as rumours grow that Darling will go along with another stimulus package.

How nice it would be if Mandy could concentrate on his day job.   Even better if Darling was to walk out of the Cabinet.  Then we would get another“Geoffrey Howe moment”.

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