16 March 2009

A Labour Sunday and Monday

The Tories have got to urgently address the hijacking of the news agenda by Labour on a Sunday with the spill over to Monday.  It is obvious that Sir Liam Donaldson’s report on setting a minimum price for alcohol was deliberately leaked.  It dominated the news yesterday, and completely overshadowed the failure of the Brown/Merkel meeting and the G20 Finance Minister’s jolly in Sussex.

As posted below and picked up by Iain Dale, it is weeks since a Shadow Cabinet Minister appeared on Marr.  Dale gives his reasoning.  He may be right.  The point is the Tories have got to do something about this and fast.

Labour were allowed to go unchallenged yesterday, on a day when the Brown/Merkel fall out should have been highlighted.  It is the interviews on the chat shows that dominate the heavy news on a Sunday, with the spill over in the Monday press.

Come on Team Cameron.  Get your act together.

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