15 March 2009

Sunday morning without Marr and any Tories!


After my rant last week I have given up watching The New Labour Show with Andrew Marr.  This morning the nonentity Douglas Alexander is put up to do Brown’s bidding.

Just one thing.  Have the Tories given up on this programme as well?    The last time a Shadow Minister appeared was on Sunday 8th February.

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  1. I wonder if the Tories just realised that:

    a) Nobody watches it.
    b) Marr always gives them such a hard time.
    c) It's awkward to watch Marr spoon a Labour MP for two hours.

  2. Perhaps the tories are as sensible as you and giving the man a wide berth. It's showing the BBC for what they are though isn't it.

    (I stayed in bed).

  3. I posted something similar here


    and here


    It's almost beyond a joke now.

  4. The beeb thinks its being smart but maybe any political coverage at times like these is a bad thing. People are looking for someone to blame.