22 March 2009

The lads should unite behind Cameron


ConservativeHome has whipped up a frenzy inside the Tory party and certain blogs about the 45p tax rate non-event.

John Rentoul rightly has some Saturday late night fun and then makes the obvious point:

that taxes are going to have to go up by much, much more than a little supertax like this.

Exactly.  Taxes are going to rise and expenditure will be slashed after the election.  This is not the time for internal Tory debates about meaningless issues.  There is nothing to be gained by playing Brown’s games.  The question for the party is simple, either unite behind Cameron and the policies that he now setting out or lose the election.  The time for internal debate is over.

Brown has now unleashed his principal attack dog Alastair Campbell and Mandelson is setting up a formidable spin operation for the election.  Countless tactical traps are going to opened for the Tories to fall into.  On a slow news weekend they have successfully fallen into the first one.

The election is there for the taking.  Brown does not deserve to win.  If the Tories continue to have internal debates, the polls will narrow and panic will break out.  Cameron is a formidably talented politician and will make a superb Prime Minister.  Why throw it all away?

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