24 March 2009

Stephen Byers comes out of hiding

It seems that the Blairite wing of the Labour party has to remind us they are alive and kicking.  Stephen Byers comes out of hiding.  He calls for the cut in VAT to be withdrawn.  He goes on:

the task for Brown is to prove he is governing, and not just surviving in office, requiring fresh thinking and ideas.

and then:

Brown may be attempting to achieve too much at the G20 summit, and as a result will fail, with serious political consequences for Labour.

All very well.  What is he up to?  Is he hoping that Brown will change (fat chance) or is he sowing the seeds for a Labour revolt in June and a change of leader.

I doubt his speech will gain much traction, but the point is that he has chosen to speak out.  It looks increasingly likely there will be one final push to get Brown out if the G20 fails, and the budget does not deliver a boost in the polls for Labour.

What other reason is there for him to speak out now?

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