18 March 2009

Sorry Dave, this will not work

In 1979:




I'm not convinced about this reworking of the 30 year old Tory poster used at the 1979 election.  You have to be at least 48 to have voted back then.  I doubt this will play well in the North and in Scotland where Thatcher’s policies were none too popular.  In addition wasn't the original poster more linked to the ‘winter of discontent’ rather than unemployment?

The world has moved on.  So should the Tory’s adverts.  Think again Dave.

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  1. Tend to agree, EDB. As long as it's a one-off I don't mind but your points are valid - except that Scotland will not deliver any Tory seats anyway!

  2. I agree as well. Doesn't work well for me either. They would be well advised ot take my advice based on this evening's Newsnight...

  3. Oh Ted, I'm surprised at you saying Scotland won't deliver. Mind you, you're right although there may be one or two seats in the south west.

    Awful poster you're right Howard. I'm off to watch Newnicht because Elvis has me interested ...