20 March 2009

Cameron is setting the agenda and people are listening

While Brown struts across Europe failing to get agreement on his plans for the G20, the public finances are fast becoming out of control.  Then a devastating report is published over Brown’s role in the lead up to the nationalisation of Northern Rock.  To gap off Brown’s Thursday the 2010 British International Motor Show is cancelled due to the recession .

Meanwhile back in London Cameron warns that an incoming Tory government will have to make "tough choices" on public spending and tax cuts are out.  His words will resonant as everybody knows that current debt levels cannot continue and it is nonsensical to talk about tax cuts.

Cameron is slowly preparing the electorate for the hard choices that will have to be made.  More importantly people are listening as Brown's bail outs and stimulus packages are doing little to stem the recession.  It is also clever politics to concentrate on the domestic agenda that people can identify with, rather than the global stuff that Brown bangs on about and few people understand.

Now this little nugget from Steve Richards suggesting the Tories should scrap their pledge to abolish Inheritance Tax and are considering doing so.  One can only imagine when this will explosion will be ignited.

This is all good stuff from Cameron.  Set the agenda, explain policies, be honest and for good measure wrong foot Moses.

If the Brown bunker continue to underestimate Cameron they are making a grave mistake.  After all who else can silence Dennis Skinner in the Commons?

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