18 March 2009

Nick Robinson is a disgrace

There comes a time when you can’t take much more of this BBC bias.  Today is that day.

As usual Robinson was on The Daily Politics for PMQs.  He hijacked the introduction by banging on about Brown’s guidelines on the integration of suspects that were announced this morning.  Then after PMQ’s he spent the whole time highlighting Cameron’s mistake in breaching Commons rules by calling Brown “a complete phoney”, which Cameron correctly withdrew.

Robinson said little or nothing about the more substantive issues that Brown was going to be questioned on today.  It came across that he was doing Brown a favour by attempting to deflect the audience from the real issues.  I noted that Andrew Neil mentioned that he did not think Cameron’s slip up was a show stopper.

It is about time the BBC was taken to task about the obvious bias that is ingrained in its reporting, specifically by Robinson, Marr and Peston.

Enough is enough.

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  1. The BBC's bias is so blatant now that there are many programmes I cannot watch without screaming at them. It is pro NuLabour / anti Conservative, anti Israeli, anti US Republicans, anti Iraq war, pro man-made global warming, pro minorities, pro pressure groups, pro feminist, anti military and is completely out of touch with the views of the ordinary British "man-in-the -street". In fact it is so removed from those views and finds them so uncomfortable that it cannot bring itself to represent them and yet it expects those same people to fund it on pain of criminal proceedings via the TV license fee. This has to change. The BBC should be privatised, then it can be as biased as it wants, but we won't have to pay for it unless we are daft enough to choose to.