18 March 2009

The IMF sends Exocet missiles into No 10


The IMF will certainly not be welcomed to muscle in on the £50m G20 photo shot after this.  Predications are that the UK economy will shrink 3.8% this year (down from 2.8% reported in January) and 0.2% in 2010.

The IMF sends a further Exocet missile into No 1o by stating that Britain is likely to be the only leading economy not tipped to stage a recovery from recession next year.

Brown’s henchmen are already accusing the IMF of moving the goalposts.  Rather rich from the man who is now fiddling the stimulus package figures.

There will be no economic recovery for Brown and the polls show a consistent Tory lead of 10%.

The sparks will start falling on the gunpowder fairly soon in the Brown bunker.  Prepare for them to ignite on 5th June!

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