30 March 2009

Dave is a clever boy but it is not the point

Rather shrewd of Cameron not to call for Jacqui Smith’s resignation this morning.  It is much better for the Tories to have Home Secretary Smith in place as she will now be ridiculed and laughed at.

That is not the point through, and it certainly isn't just a personal matter for Smith as Brown has just said.  These politicians do not get it.  I have known people in business sacked on the spot for fiddling expenses.

Why should MPs be allowed to buy 2nd homes at the taxpayers expense and then pocket the capital gain?  If they need somewhere to stay in London for a few nights a week, and it would normally only be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, why can’t they stay in a hotel?  After all this is what business people do who travel great distances and work away from home.

Until all the regulations that govern MPs expenses and allowances are eradicated, and they adopt an expense model similar to the private sector, they will continue to be treated with derision and contempt.

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  1. Yes, wise of Cameron not to say much about Jacqui Smith, after all the Conservative MPs are just as corrupt as the ZaNu Lab lot or the LibDims and tomorrow may just land a load of political manure on Cameron's door step. Keep stum is good.
    Certainly the standards that prevail in the private sector should prevail in Westminster, but the foxes are in charge of the hen coops, so that's unlikely. What we have seen from the Home Secretary and her husband is really theft, against which there are laws. Call the police.