24 March 2009

HMQ hears the truth from King and is now resting


After Mervyn King sunk Brown’s economic policy, it was time for a little celebration at the Palace.  Apparently HMQ wished to hear the truth about the nation’s finances and presumably her own.

I suspect HMQ is rather bored hearing Brown’s spin week after week and wonders whether he is telling the truth.  She apparently does not take kindly to his hectoring tone.

After King’s performance at the Commons this morning, I conclude that HMQ was given the sad news that her country is bankrupt and heading for the dogs.

No doubt Lilibet had to summon her footman after this unprecedented private audience with a tray of stiff drinks.  It is rumoured that her personal physician was in attendance throughout the audience with King.

The Queen’s has only suffered mild shock but as a precaution all public engagements have been cancelled for the rest of the day

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