24 March 2009

Madness from ConservativeHome

So now Tim Montgomerie is in favour of alienating public sector workers this side of election by declaring:

Boris shows the way on spending cuts

Madness. Madness.

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  1. To be fair to Tim (and Boris) for that matter, nobody but the people in these jobs is going to care about these cuts. They're mostly useless middle-management types, and generally ones working on Ken's pet projects. Remember that when City Hall began operation it had around 400 staff and worked fine. Ken doubled this number, so Boris wanting to cut some 100 is a sensible measure.

  2. My point is that the Tories should not be frightening public sector workers that they may lose their jobs. These people all have votes.

  3. I completely get your point. I'm simply saying that there's a difference between nurses, teachers and stroking Ken's vanity projects a year after he was kicked out - which is apparently all these people do. I'd hope most public sector workers would see this distinction.

  4. Agreed. Montgomerie should have made this distinction clearer. I just get the feeling he is rather sore not being part of Cameron's inner circle.