12 March 2009

Clearly £50m is going to be wasted at the G20

There will be more broken mobiles in the Brown Bunker tonight.  There will no specific agreement at the G20.

The White House has said today:

We're not going to negotiate some specific economic percentage or commitment.

We must manage and overcome the current economic crisis that the world finds itself in and then we must also take steps to prevent future crises from happening to the global economy.

Also another US Treasury nominee has withdrawn from consideration, which will not help in the run up to the G20, where the Americans are already behind the curve in their preparation.

£50m could well be used for more meaningful purposes than a photo shot.  The options for Moses are running out.  If the G20 is a flop then he only has the Budget to pull a rabbit out the hat.  It is all getting rather desperate.

Well at least by the election Brown central will know how we are all going to vote!

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