29 March 2009

Stuart Wheeler’s expulsion is well timed

The Tories were right to wait until this evening to expel Wheeler who gave £100,000 to UKIP.  It shows decisiveness that will contrast well with the  Jacqui Smith adult movie saga that been allowed to dominate the media all day.

Labour’s self-inflected sleaze stories in the run up to G20 do not bode well.  The public will now concentrate on this and fail to take Government seriously.  Labour will be treated with derision.  It happened to Major and it is happening again now.  Brown’s biggest problem is that the most important part of his audience, the electorate,  has stopped listening.

On further matter.  If the sleaze stories continue to run, Labour will be saddled with Brown up to the election whether it likes it or not.  No pretender to the crown will want to take over with a mountain of sleaze stories dominating the agenda and Labour being ridiculed.

Labour has defeated itself.

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