15 March 2009

Non-blogger Prescott gets Brown’s blessing


So joke figure John Prescott, who does not write his own blog, has got a tick in the box from Brown to lead Labour's internet campaign at the next election.  Desperate stuff from Labour to use a failed minister who is not standing for re-election.  Infantile and odious Draper has obviously been cold shouldered by Labour’s high command.

There is a wider point here.  Is it right that ex-MPs not standing for re-election play a prominent role in an election campaign?  Which leads us to Mandy.  As a member of the Lords will he have a high profile public role or will he just upset everyone from behind the scenes?


There is, I think, a convention that members of the Lords do not play a role in election campaigns.  This being so, surely the same should apply to ex-MPs, especially those that can’t control themselves?

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