14 March 2009

It’s Fawkes v Draper on TV


Just noticed this on the BBC Daily Politics web site.  Fawkes and Draper are to go head to head with Andrew Neil on 26th March.

They have had a go at each other online and now two rival bloggers will face each other in the Daily Politics studio.

The Battle of the Blogs will see Guido Fawkes and Derek Draper go up against each other on our Thursday 26 March programme.

Draper from the Labour List blog will debate with Paul Staines, aka Guido Fawkes, from the Order-Order blog.

The two bloggers have been highly critical of each other.

Draper threatened to sue after his professional qualifications were called into question by his online rival.

And the Labour man has accused Guido of peddling racism and sexism, something that Guido - who rarely appears as himself with his real name - vehemently denied.

We will have the pair in our studio, with Andrew Neil and Jo Coburn taking on the job of referee.

Can I volunteer to sit between them!

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  1. Draper isn't a blogger, he doesn't have the intelligence for it. Guido will wipe the floor with him.

  2. LabourList has been an embarrassing disaster almost from the day it started. The place where 'Like-minded People' come together was nothing more than censorship - hence the pitifully low readership. Draper telling commenters to quit the Labour Party if they disagreed with him didn't help either.