27 March 2009

Brown will be exhausted next week


For the past 18 years I have done much international travel, waking up in different hotels night after night not knowing where I am.  Most of this I have done alone.  It is physically and mentally exhausting.  You keep going and the adrenalin carries you through.  It is when you get home that you feel the exhaustion and it takes days to recover.

I remember talking to a leading pop star.  He said the travel was awful, sleeping in different venues night after night.  Sometimes he could not even remember what country he was in, and once quoted the wrong city to the one he was performing to.

Pop stars like Brown travel with an entourage .  The pop star told me it made little difference.  There was still the jet lag, the travel and the different locations.  He said the the biggest problem is when something goes wrong.  It is impossible to recover as your schedule is locked in.

The other little problem about concentrated international travel is that is very difficult to think straight.  Your body clock  is in a another time zone and decisions are made in haste with little thought.  A leading businessman once advised me not to make any important decisions for a least 12 hours after you land from a long flight.  That advice is spot on.

Brown will be exhausted next week.  Nobody in their right mind would make a 4 nation trip in six days before an important conference.

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  1. Nobody in their right mind

    ... which explains why Gordon would.