22 March 2009

Brown’s boost for the Royal Mail


Having spent £160,000 a year on the head of digital engagement, Brown has decided to retreat further into the No 10 bunker by cancelling his e-mail address.  The public will now have to use pigeon mail or dust off those obsolete fax machines should they wish to communicate with Moses.

It is reported that No 10 wish to boost the number of letters that the Royal Mail delivers ahead of the part sell off.  In an off the record briefing, a spokesperson for the Royal Mail said that they were not expecting an increase the number of letters delivered to No 10.

Such is life in the isolated Brown bunker.

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1 comment:

  1. Howard I don't believe it! I know that emails sent to him or Alistair Darling are trashed unread (see Craig's comments from my blog list). Unbelievable people go to the trouble of sending emails on important public issues to only have them deleted unread. The fact should be made more public.