16 March 2009

There is no doubt Cameron will win so can we move on…

PoliticalBetting and Anthony Wells have made the same point today, that there is little evidence that Labour will recover in the polls before the election.  It was about time these respected experts nailed the few pundits that still think Labour can win.

As I have argued repeatedly on this blog, Brown is not fit to be Prime Minister and the political weather has changed.  Moreover Cameron has started to ‘seal the deal’ with the electorate.

I have debated with John Rentoul what Labour has to do to have a chance of winning.  My contention is that it is only a change of leader that would give Labour a possibility of winning at the next election, and it a very slim one at that.  Obviously the polling evidence can’t cover for this event.

Let us now hope that these Labour pundits can now move on from discussing that Labour can win the election under Brown or any other leader.  It isn't going to happen and the evidence proves it!

UPDATE: Rentoul makes a similar point.

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