17 March 2009

Will Alan Johnson replace Brown?


The polls are now showing a steady pattern.  The Tories in the low 40%; Labour in the lower 30% ; and LibDems in the mid to high teens.  I agree with Mike Smithson that these numbers will be what we see on election day on the assumption that Brown is Labour leader.

Will Labour now go for the nuclear option and replace Moses?  There are no other options.  Brown is Labour's problem.  The key time will be after 4th June elections.

The only question remains is what will Alan Johnson do.

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  1. They have to have the guts to topple him first :)..

  2. I hope they do nothing. I despise Alan Johnson as much as I do Gordon Brown. In fact - the whole lot of them are quite horrific.

  3. As Hesseltine found out, the one that wields the knife, doesn't sit on the throne.
    Johnson has been notabley quiet on the issue of the leadership - claiming he doesn't want it - the wisest thing to do for a leadesrship hopeful at this point.
    There's no doubt he enjoyed watching Harman squirm at PMQs a couple of weeks ago though.

  4. It will be different this time. Brown will be forced out by the PLP. Johnson will not need a knife. All he has to decide if whether he wants it and if he turn matters around. On the latter there must be considerable doubt.