29 March 2009

What is the point of ConservativeHome?

Last weekend Tim Montgomerie got his knickers in a twist about the 45p tax rate and what Ken Clarke said about Inheritance Tax.  Then in the week he got himself into a pointless ding dong with Danny Finkelstein over fiscal policy.  Today he blows up the Stuart Wheeler donation to UKIP to something out of all proportion to its actual significance.

Off course Cameron was going to sack Wheeler and has done so.  He was hardly going to do this on the morning he was making a speech in Wales, and when the Jacqui Smith porno scandal was gaining traction.

If Montgomerie wants to cut the Tory lead at the next election to the bare minimum, he is doing a fine job.  What is his problem?  What axe does he have to grind with Cameron?

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  1. He is still a paid-up member of the Ian Duncan Smith Bag Carrier's fan club and resents the way the "quiet man" was booted out? May not be quite as simple as that but it has it's roots in that event, dear boy. (Did you see what I did there?....I'll get my coat!)