17 March 2009

No apology from Brown

Moses has given an interview to The Guardian.  He cleverly tries to counter Cameron’s remarks of last week but does not explicitly say sorry:

I take full responsibility for all my actions, but I think we're dealing with a bigger problem that is global in nature, as well as national.

In other words, he took the right decisions and he has no regrets.  Everyone else is wrong.

Perhaps 10 years ago after the Asian crisis when other countries thought these problems would go away, we should have been tougher ... keeping and forcing these issues on to the agenda like we did on debt relief and other issues of international policy.

Using the word “perhaps” is a cop out.  If he had regrets he would have omitted this word and used a stronger statement, saying that on reflection he was wrong.

that it "is essential for the sake of the country" that Labour wins a fourth term

One problem here.  He does not decide this.  What happens when Labour losses?  Does he say, “The country has made a stupid decision and will now go to the dogs”.

Then he gets on to the G20 and leaves himself some wriggle room on co-ordinated further stimulus packages:

It is not about numbers, but about commitments by each continent to coordinate their action.

Note the word “country” is excluded.  Is he admitting that France and Germany will not commit, but the “continent” of Europe as a whole will?

So Moses is right.  No one else is.  What a surprise.  The communiqué from the G20, and what Brown says, will need the most careful analysis known to man.

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