08 March 2009

Marr was appalling, dire, awful, terrible.

Call it what you will.  I don't know why he just didn't sit on Mandy's lap.  It got worse as the interview went on.  Then at the end Mandy was given a free run to chat Marianne Faithful up while giving her CD a plug.  He finished off by saying that he couldn't wait to get home to listen to it.  No doubt he will, after he gets on the phone to rubbish a few Cabinet colleagues.

On the Royal Mail:

I didn't pick this fight - nor do I wish to be defined by it.

Who did then?  No follow up from Marr

On the G20:

People frankly should take pride in the fact that its we in Britain holding the G20 and our government driving it.

This is rubbish.  The chair of the G20 is held on a rotating basis.  It is just circumstance that Brown has the chair.  Marr did not even bother to pick up on this.

On regulation:

Of course lessons have got to be learned, but the lesson that has got to be learned is that the entire financial system is changing in a much quicker way than expected.

Excuse me.  Who set up the regulation system in the first place.  Brown and his pal Greenspan.

On Brown:

He works like a Trojan.

Marr just sat there.  No follow up.  Nothing on whether he is taking the right decisions.  Nothing about Brown’s judgement on the Lloyds/HBOS merger that has cost the country a packet.

Why do I watch?  Perhaps I just hope that one Sunday David Frost will make a surprise return.  Oh and next Sunday the programme will have a Scottish dimension.  How exciting!  Perhaps sometime soon Marr will condescend to have the odd Tory on.

One other matter.  I am all for the arts, which Marr seems to wallow in to show us all he is not just a one dimensional nerd but has a hinterland.  A little sport would be good.  You never know, this may improve the ratings.

Perhaps it would be a good idea if the London Marathon was held every Sunday, which is the only event the stops this awful programme from being broadcast.



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  1. Oh Howard, you hero you for sitting through it. I didn't, I decided it wouldn't be good for my blood pressure. Thanks for the wee review though, much as expected.

    Now what's wrong with a Scottish perspective next week? It'll be all the heid bummers from the labour party plus token appearances from the SNP, tories and libdems. Mind you, our politicians don't take insults from the BBC lying down, so it could be interesting. Am I too much of an optimist today?

  2. There is nothing wrong with a Scottish perspective. No offense intended. I was just using this to make my point.

  3. Stopped watching a few weeks back. I wonder what the viewing figures are/were. Marr is a weak interviewer and that gets him his political guests. They wouldn't come if it was Paxman.

  4. The BBC is institutionally left wing - this is a good example.

    Marr does not ask the follow ups because nhe does not see the. He buys in to the lefty agenda.

    (I cannot seem to post using the Wordpress option

  5. Stop watching the Labour love-in for the sake of your blood pressure.
    You won't learn anything new from watching this biased rubbish and your Sunday mornings will be so much more pleasant.

  6. One of the many wonderful things about being a professional musician and going to a church 25 miles away of a Sunday morning is that I have the perfect excuse to stop watching him. He's become far worse as time goes on. Give the slot to Huw Edwards - fifty times as good.

  7. Marr is a left wing luvvie. The BBC is absolutely infested with them - thats why I don't watch it much these days. Replace Marr with Frederick Forsyth or Peter Hitchens and see the fur fly ! Now that would be good television !

  8. The BBC are hopelessly biased in many ways but the tradgedy is that they don't realise it because they believe everybody thinks like they do. They are, by way of example:

    Pro Palestinian
    Anti Israel
    Anti US / Capitalism /GW Bush /Republican party / Iraq war
    Pro Obama.. in a big big way ( for now anyway )
    Pro idea of man-made global warming
    Pro feminist
    Pro minorities
    Pro small pressure groups such as Liberty / Greenpeace / Amnesty etc
    Pro Muslim
    Pro Labour and Gordon Brown
    Anti Conservative
    Anti military

    All of this is forced upon the viewing public who are required by law to subsidise it via the license fee. About time they were privatised and people allowed to choose to subscribe or not.

  9. It's the incestuousness of luvviedom which gets my goat... Marr is son-in-law of Jack Ashley the former Stoke Labour MP, Peston's dad is a Labour peer and that's just for starters...