10 March 2009

Mandy prepares for failure


Looks like Mandy is preparing his “get out clause” should the “sell off” of the Royal Mail fail:

The shrill nature of the current debate is making it hard to make this case to potential partners.

It is clear what his line will be if he is forced to withdraw the bill due to union and PLP resistance.  You can just hear him now, “I pursued the right policies but the opposition to my proposals ensured we could not find a buyer.” Etc etc.

Clever stuff.  The only problem is that his credibility will be on the line, as he has misjudged the politics over the “sell off”.

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1 comment:

  1. I think he's completely misjudged the current political landscape in the UK, and how much it's changed since the hey-days of spin. Thanks to the internet it's harder to hide the truth which is why Labour and their cronies are so keen on trying to control it under the guise of protecting children and the terrorist threat.