11 March 2009

Does anyone know what will work?

A quick look at the business page on the BBC News web site makes depressing reading:

1. John Lewis profits fall by 26%;

2. China’s exports drop 26% in February compared to to the same month a year earlier;

3. Savills report a loss £7.7m for 2008;

4. The UK economy contracted 1.8% between December and February.  The level of economic activity is now 4.3% below its peak of April 2008;

5. Various airlines hit by falling demand; and

6. Quantitative easing is launched but there are doubts whether it will work.

With every passing day there must be grave doubts whether the bank bail-outs and the various stimulus packages are going to work.  Is it all too little too late or maybe it is just simple fact the wrong policies are being pursued.  In truth could it be that no one actually knows!

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