11 March 2009

Will the spotlight turn on the Tories?

There is an interesting poll over on PoliticsHome (sorry no link) saying that the spotlight will now turn on the Tories to explain their policies.  81% of those surveyed say this will happen.  There maybe justification for this but I am unsure this will be the case.  At present there is considerable doubt that the Government's policies are working, so surely the spotlight will remain on Brown.

One of PoliticsHomes’s panellists says this:

The level of scrutiny of the Tories may not matter very much as the voters are just fed up with Labour and want to throw them out. Short of the Tories going into a phase of mega political self-destruction, or some other unforeseeable political tsunami, it's all over for the boys in red, and they know it.

This analysis has to be right.  I am reminded what Roy Jenkins said when Blair was preparing for power:

Blair’s approach to the 1997 election as being like an elderly butler carrying a Ming vase across a slippery floor from one end of a room to the other.

The same applies to David Cameron today.

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