01 March 2009

Andrew Marr’s little problems


Iain Dale is right.  Marr let Harman get away with it during their cosy chat this morning.  He did not ask the killer question about Myners.  The other point that Marr could have made is that if Goodwin had paid into his pension from his salary over the years, the money is his.

To prove his superiority over mankind Marr always sits there without notes and machine guns the questions off.  Perhaps it would be an idea if, over breakfast this morning, Mrs. Marr would suggest to him that a few pieces of paper with points to raise may help to jog the great brain as the interviews progress.

The other little issue that I noticed this morning was the running order.  The main interview is usually the last.  This morning Harman preceded Roger Daltrey, the latter being someone that would keep the audience watching until he appeared. Obviously Harman does not have the pulling power of some.

Are people concluding that Marr’s “flagship political programme” is not worth the bother?

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  1. "Are people concluding that Marr’s “flagship political programme” is not worth the bother?"

    Very much so! I'm usually busy on Sunday mornings - junior rugby, not church! - so watch Marr later on Iplayer. When Daltry came on I switched off. No offence to him and the cause he was probably promoting but I want politics, current affairs, serious interviews with politicians and so on. All the rest is Nulabour luvvie stuff that is so boring.

    But, hey, what do I know? I'm not in with the in crowd, am I?

  2. It would be interesting to know what the audience figures are. Very low I suspect

  3. I don't watch this anymore as it's become a labour propaganda programme. In fact I don't even tape it.