01 March 2009

Mandy has lost the plot


Mandy gives an interview in the Observer that will no doubt will provide a further smokescreen for the worsening economic news.  Apart from winding up the unions and talking about his best friend that he shafted years ago, Labour should be very worried by this:

Mandelson also had a warning for Labour. "A number of Labour MPs who do not have an ideological fixation one way or the other none the less say to me: 'Why now? Why invite controversy and disunity?' " Mandelson said. "And my answer is that, as the government, we cannot duck difficult questions and choices. Some in the party may be weary of taking decisions, but that simply signals that we're ready for a rest, inviting electoral defeat.

This statement was all very well years ago when New Labour had the public on it’s side, when there was no effective opposition and there was a strong and credible leader to force unpopular policies through.  This is the paradigm of yesteryear.  Moreover to pursue the part-privatisation of the Royal Mail with just over a year before the election is suicidal.  Labour MPs are right in saying,  'Why now? Why invite controversy and disunity?

If Labour continue to encompass Mandy's philosophy, defeat at the election is assured.

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  1. I suppose it's a considerably easier thing to say if you're an unelected Lord who cannot lose their job.