01 March 2009

A must see video: Mandy in his true colours


Alastair Campbell has just posted this video on his blog.  It is a must see.  Watch Campbell’s body language.

Mandy comes over as a insecure and self-centred man.

What are Campbell’s motives for publishing this today?

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1 comment:

  1. I think I have said to you before that Campbell is an odious person. I don't hold any brief for Mandelson either - an equally and thoroughly disreputable character who should have been swept off the political chess board many years ago (except he knows everything about where all the New Labour bodies are buried).

    But Campbell knows too that the game is up and is now trying desperately to help the old Blairites position themselves to hang on to control of the Labour Party in the face of an upsurge in support for Old Labour which would mean that it would be out of power for a generation. He is prepared to marginalise Mandelson now - who is antagonising the grass roots over Royal Mail - to ensure they do not lurch to the left.

    Does that sound Machiavellian? It's supposed to. That's how these people think.