01 March 2009

Gordon’s last full day before his dream trip


It has been another hectic day for Moses as he prepares for his “get away from reality” trip to see God’s representative on earth.

Like most of the nation he gave Marr a wide berth this morning.  In any case he had to dash to the airport to get to another EU summit.  He was dreading having to listen to Little Nicky prattle on for hours on end, so he had with him a draft of his speech to Congress.  He could work on this during the tedium of the day.  After bolting down his lunch it was back to No 10 for the final preparations.

It was chaos back at base.  Brown was very unhappy with the draft of the speech and a complete rewrite would be needed.  Mandy was summoned, and with a couple of exhausted Garden Girls close to tears, the speech was finally completed as midnight approached.

Before retiring Brown put a call through to Mark Thompson, DG of Labour’s favourite spin outlet, to ensure that the BBC would be providing live feeds of his White House visit and that speech on all channels.  He was reassured that everything was in place.  Thompson also mentioned that 3 jumbo jets full of BBC reporters had left Heathrow this morning to cover the trip.

So it was up the flat for a few hours sleep.  Moses was rather longer in the bathroom than usual as Sarah waited impatiently for him to come to bed.

S: Just a few words of advise about the trip.

G: (Giving the impression of listening to every word) Yes dear.

S; Try and smile naturally when you met Obama.

G. Yes dear.

S: Also do not get that close to him when you go for the walk about.  He is taller than you and it will come over that he looking down on you and you are looking up at him.

G; Yes dear.

S: One final thing.  At the press conference I wouldn't mention that all the problems started in America.  It will come over as being rather tactless.

G: Yes dear.

The bedside phone rings.

Caller: Sorry to disturb.  Just wanted to ensure that the PM has put those ear plugs in so he gets a good sleep.

Sarah puts down the phone and turns to her husband who has fallen asleep with a smile on his face.

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