02 March 2009

Royal Mail sell off is now a dead duck


There is an interesting development in the Royal Mail saga.  The unions have engaged Blue State Digital.  It is the company that managed Obama’s successful online campaign.  They have 30,000 e-mail addresses to date.  There is no doubt these numbers will grow.

Then there is this from the PoliticalBetting.  It is written with such passion.  This is the key point that will hit home in the Brown bunker:

The unions are 100% united and vocally opposed to this. Under 10p a couple of unions were strongly encouraged to restrain their outburst. Nothing will stop them on this though – public ownership of Royal Mail was a core part of the last election manifesto and the 2004 Warwick Agreement. Why should the unions trust or agree to fund a Labour general election campaign when it hasn’t honoured its previous commitments? The unions are keeping Labour afloat remember and CWU members will almost certainly disaffiliate from the party over this should it go ahead. Just how exactly does Labour expect to fund its general election campaign?

If the online campaign takes off and the unions and Labour party grassroots are united, the Royal Mail sell off is sunk.  The logical conclusion is Mandy would then have to resign for a 3rd time.

How will the past Master of Spin get out of this mess?

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  1. wonderfulforhisageMarch 2, 2009 at 1:30 PM

    Mandy resign???? This is a little local difficulty, no more and no less.