16 February 2009

The Marr’s take breakfast


As usual, Jackie spends Sunday morning scanning the papers whilst making breakfast, awaiting Andy’s return from his BBC show. 

This weeks show followed the usual pattern.  The silly introduction; the boring 15 minute paper review; a chat with the weather girl; and then, as the audience figures plunge, the interviews where the guests get an easy ride.

Andy breezes in to find Jackie in a filthy mood.

Andy: How’s you this morning?

Jackie: I am not that happy.  Bloody Rawnsley has stolen the story about the Cabinet splits I was to use in my column.

Andy: Don’t worry old girl.  I have a much better one.

Jackie: Really.

Andy: Brown may go …….

Jackie listens as Andy tells her what he has heard about Brown being despatched to the IMF.

Jackie: That is a good story.  Can I have your notes?

Andy: Darling, I do not have any.  It all in here (pointing to his head).  That is why I can do these vacuous interviews without a single piece of paper.

Jackie hurriedly leaves the room.  She returns after a few minutes.

Andy:  I have six books to read this afternoon for Monday’s Start the Week.  I assume you will writing up the article?

Jackie: Darling, I have just written it up.

Andy: I thought you may have wanted to think it through first…

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  1. I can imagine this happening, just as described here! You haven't bugged their home, by any chance? :-)

  2. Jackie listens to anything that moves and takes it all in. It was a silly article to publish as I attempted to show.

    I suggest she has done great damage to herself and to the person who leaked the story to her. People are saying it was Harman who will now be move unpopular than she already is.