17 February 2009

How’s your day been Gordon?

The wrap.

1. Japanese Prime Minister is the first to the White House;

2. New poll shows 20% lead for the Tories;

3. Inflation falls – but less than expected;

4. House prices fall by 2.3% in December and 10.2%  in 2008;

5. New whistleblower exposes further damage to HBOS’s reputation;

6. Frank Field speaks of a sterling crisis;

7. Sir James Crosby to get a pension over £5ook for ruining a bank;

8. FTSE 100 drops by over 100 points;

9. Mandy says don't panic!

10. There is bit of good news. Clegg has made a gaffe saying, “redundancy could give men a welcome opportunity to "reinvent" themselves as stay-at-home dads”.

Don’t forget to cross off another day on your “count down to Obama’s visit” calendar.

Sleep tight!

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