14 February 2009

Mandy’s henchman


Is laying low becoming Mandy's new strategy?  Now he has Pat McFadden putting fear up Labour MP’s over the part-privatisation of the Post Office:


He told 130 rebels that they must accept part-privatisation or face seeing the postal service's commitment to affordable universal service downgraded, including the abolition of Saturday deliveries.

He disclosed that Royal Mail's letters business was set to lose 8% of its traffic this year, and that much of this decline was due to failings in the business, not simply a result of the recession.

McFadden said: "I do not think there is a full appreciation of the problems being faced by Royal Mail. Its pensions deficit is 75 times its profits. Mail volumes are falling by 7 or 8% a year, and it has not automated or modernised as much as other companies. We cannot just hope it all goes away".

Mandy upset the PLP earlier in the week, so now he sends his henchman out to bat.  There does appear to be deliberate lowing of his public profile as I discussed here.  Mandy is a much better operator behind the scenes and he does come over as patronising on occasions.

Is this deliberate by Mandy?  If so, Clarke may have to change his approach as he will be attacking in a vacuum.

PS. I typed this before listening to Clarke on the Today programme, where he gave a robust performance.  However my above view stands.

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1 comment:

  1. Oh it's deliberate this hiding business EDB. Mandy's too much of a strategist and plays a clever game. Ken does too so it will be interesting. I would think both will start using radio more and Ken TV also. Mandy knows he's not popular in the country so will stay off TV for a while.

    What I don't get is how are we allowing a person who is unelected to run the UK's businesses?