23 February 2009

Good joke John, but why tell a porky!


John Prescott has responded to the extracts of Chris Mullin’s diary published at the weekend:

Anyway, I wonder if he mentions in his book about the time when I was called by security to the front of the department's building to deal with a tramp.

I turned up to discover security refusing to let in a man dressed in a thick overcoat, scarf, gloves and a wooly Russian cap that covered his face and ears.

I turned round to security and had to tell them: "That's no tramp, that's my junior minister - Chris Mullin.”

As Mullin says of Prescott:

hopelessly insecure and afraid of being shown up by his underlings.

If the story is true I would be amazed.  Why would a Deputy Prime Minister and Secretary of State be called to resolve such a matter?  What is the point of Prescott’s rebuttal, other to demonstrate Prescott sensitivity and his fondness for trivia. 

Good joke John but silly!  I just gives Mullin’s comments on him authenticity.

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