17 February 2009

What is happening with Newsnight?


On Monday we had:

vCJD; Venezuela; Ethical Man.

On Tuesday:

30 minutes on Sir Allen Stanford and Madoff.

Then after the news break a trivial film on the economy and Labours’s political problems.  This was followed, at the back end of the programme, with Darling being interviewed.

I appreciate that Parliament is in recess, but really!  Who is having the final say in what Newsnight puts out?

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  1. Thanks for the comment. No worries. Great minds and all that. Are you thinking what we're thinking...? ;-)

  2. EDB why can't I follow you on twitter? It says the page doesn't exists :(

  3. Who makes these decsions? ...peter mandelson it appears

    or maybe derek draper is making a last stand from his bunker before poisoning blondie and then shooting himsef

    but i doubt the cunt will go so easily - we'll have to shoot him ourselves or he' pop back up on the GMTV sofa - or Newsnight's

    Good spot - Newsnight can be good, but when push comes to shove it's a labour front , long has been

    go to youtube and ook up Kirsty Wark with salmond about a week before the ast (knife edge) scottish elections.

    But she is stil working there, whist the rest of us are going on about jeremy clackston and jonathon ross, two of the great intelectual influencers of our age - along with jade goody RIP