26 February 2009

Who believes Darling?


Darling is taking the taxpayer for granted.

When questioned on Today about Goodwin’s pension,  Darling said:

….he only heard of the pension deal a short time ago, adding: "When I found out it was very clear we had to go back to RBS to see who agreed this and why they agreed it and whether they have grounds to claw some of it back.”

UPDATE: The RBS annual report, published in 2007, showed that as things stood then he was entitled to £579,000 a year.

What due diligence has the Treasury done?

Then Darling said:

Lord Myners spoke to Sir Fred and put it to him quite simply - do you not think it is right to forego this. You cannot justify these excesses.

The government was still awaiting a reply.

What reply is Darling expecting?  He may have to wait a long time, as we should assume that Goodwin does have a legal right to this money.

Are we taxpayers being told the truth about these bank bail outs?  Maybe the people in the Treasury are as incompetent as the bankers themselves!

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